Our 2.6 hectare (6.4 acre) park is entirely walled or fenced, so you can explore the informal gardens in all privacy, with their many ancient and monumental trees, a fish pond with lilies, Japanese koi carp and frogs, an extensive and diverse orchard, a vegetable garden and ever so many varieties of flowers for (nearly) every season.

You can admire the formal French/Italian gardens and most notably the extensive rose garden with its innumerable Japanese rose bushes… or take peaceful refuge at much wilder “Poet’s Corner”, at the north-western corner of the property, overlooking the fields beyond the park walls or watching the sun set.

Beside our Irish wolfhound, who will greet you with joy, you will see (and hear) countless birds, probably some squirrels (especially around the hazelnut trees!) and maybe some other furry friends. Please do not feed any of them (or the fish) – as you will notice, they are doing perfectly well by themselves… Détilly is a land of plenty.

You can also sit on one of the terraces, either at the southern end of the main building or along the eastern side, which is pleasantly cooler on a summer afternoon… or anywhere else in fact.

The smaller enclosed garden in front of the conservatory of the Coach-house is reserved exclusively for guests staying there though, so please respect their privacy if you are not.


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